Installment scheme offers an installment plan without interest or fees.

You can split your payment over max. 4 months. That is first month with 25% payment + 3 months with installments. You decide how much and when during the 3 months you want to repay. However, the total price of the bag, including the payment, must be paid within 4 months. When the full amount has been paid, the bag is yours and we will send it to you the same day you have paid the full price of the bag.

The installment scheme takes place as follows:

You pay 25% in down payment when we enter into the purchase agreement.

When we have entered into an agreement, we will send you a receipt in which the bag and the installment plan we have entered into are described. It is documentation that the bag is yours and it is a legally binding agreement.

Every time you pay on the bag, you must note your name on the transfer. The bag will only be sent when the entire amount has been paid.

You can, of course, pay the bag in full at any time, with no fee or extra calculation.

The installment plan can be made by agreement and cannot be made when purchasing in the webshop. No installment agreements are made on bags with a price below DKK 10,000.

If you want to buy a bag with an installment plan, you must contact us - either here on the page or through a personal message on Instagram. Goods on offer or with a discount cannot be included in the installment plan.

You must be aware that an installment plan cannot be undone and you will therefore not be refunded the amount you have paid if you should decide that you no longer wish to buy the item listed in your installment plan.

However, it is possible to transfer the amount paid to another product and prepare a new installment plan. In that case, you must contact us so that we can find a solution together. Any difference between the amount of the previous installment plan and the new installment plan will not be refunded.

Goods purchased with an installment plan cannot be returned or refunded.

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